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About Us

      Renqiu Wynn sealing material Co., Ltd. is located in Xinfeng Renqiu Mayor Shao Zhuang Industrial Zone, located in the economic circle of Beijing, Tianjin, Beijing and Tianjin is a ring, open the Bohai Sea economic zone, is open to the State Council of the city. City 151 km south of Beijing, Tianjin, 135 kilometers northeast from. Langfang City, East and throughout the text an, counties, cities connected to the south Hejian adjacent to the west and Baoding Gaoyang County, bordering counties across northwest New Baiyangdian and security across the north and Xiongxian phase. . Plant currently has international standardization and improvement of office life, culture and other infrastructure, is a green garden business.

       The company has in China's newest and most advanced international quality standards of the graphite production line: width 1500mm flexible graphite production line and 1020mm flexible graphite production line, graphite composite panels with reinforced composite plate production line, graphite conductive heat materials production equipment, graphite (enhance) the type of gasket production line.

       The company has perfect compliance with international standards of product quality control system and graphite graphite products complete testing equipment. And has a utility model patent.

       Companies adhere to industry, academia, research combining technological innovation strategy, with domestic and foreign research institutes and institutions of graphite, have maintained close contact and cooperation. Has formed graphite sealing materials, heat conductive material and two types of graphite products, graphite products and give priority to the development and application in electronic products (the product already has a national patent). The level of manufacturing technology has reached international standards. The company has the right to import and export products are exported to more than twenty countries and regions.