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How to improve the quality seal system: system problems and solutions

A reference to quality, we think of the quality management system, quality inspection center. They are the product quality assurance.

Books on quality management there are many, many of which are of quality management theory and practice to do a very detailed exposition. For a company attaches great importance to product quality and management of personnel, quality management must learn and master the relevant knowledge.

However, whether to learn and master the knowledge of quality management, quality of seal obtained a guarantee? Why do so many seal manufacturers have quality assurance department, customers often complain about the seal or the quality of it?

To answer these two questions, we must first find out the special seal of quality management. Emphasize their special emphasis on the sealing industry is not different, which is based on our understanding of the industry over a decade of customer service experience and conclusions. AI technology to volunteer industry group data, for example, AIDS volunteers Industry Technology Group is currently the leading industrial sealing business, sales of more than 628 million yuan in 2008, supporting the mechanical seal area of ​​more than 1,000 enterprise and service throughout the food , paper, tires, coal mines, ports, municipal engineering, machinery, electric power, automobile, metallurgy, chemical industry, with many industrial customers in the exchange, through comparative analysis, we conclude the following differences:

First, the "seal" the requirements of the decision of the seal must be elastic. This is a general manufacturing rigid dimensional requirements are different. Of course, a professional manufacturer in the design of seals have been reserved out of tolerance, and tolerance to the test in accordance with, but the practical application of the product is compressed. Quality inspection of parts that size is not the real size of the use of seals, which greatly increased the seal design and testing more difficult.

For example, we design, testing hydraulic and pneumatic seals, oil seals, O-ring seals, etc., can only detect the size before compression, detection accuracy is also very limited; and after the actual work for the compression seal dimensions, and compressed resulting performance changes, the quality control is difficult. Similarly, for mechanical seals, gaskets, packing, seals and even more is to be compressed before they can play a role in sealing. For the large size of the seal, the quality inspection and testing is more difficult to design. Although each seal design, production companies have quality control process, but the product quality and the quality of the actual use of seals, there are some differences.

Second, the seal is a lot more and less complex variety of products and materials. According to Ai Group's volunteer sector technology data, only 2008 had more than 40,000 batches of more than 10 million pieces of product, which means an average of only 200 pieces per batch, at least the bulk or even only one, Each batch of the basic seal model, design, testing standards are different. This large-scale production of manufacturing enterprises, such as auto manufacturers, in the quality system requirements are very different. We are the most basic unit of work - pipes, valves and pump sealing systems, for example, at least need to use mechanical seals, gaskets, seals, packing and O-ring, and for the media at different pH, high temperature, low temperature, high pressure and vacuum working conditions, etc., you need to choose a different seal materials to manufacturing, which seals in the form and materials with a very complicated, which makes the seal of the design and testing standards have become more complex. In other words, in the production process, since the use of special materials, special equipment and special production process, thus sealing the quality or nature with custom-made experimental. As the sealing industry is equipped with the progress of the industrial base developed, and then seal the edge in many industries, with most domestic institutions have not yet set up engineering discipline sealing technology, fundamental research is weak, the lack of quality based on Therefore, the parameters are still lacking a lot of seals, sealing products increase the difficulty of quality control and evaluation.

Finally, application of seals is a highly "accessories", that is, it will be to work with other devices. Seals really easy to use, not only is the quality seal, but also work together with their equipment with the state. Such as the quality of the valve seal, valve only when the work can be judged, if it is a new valve, quality, reliability will be much higher, if less accuracy of the old valve, then the probability will be large decline in the quality some. Another example is the pump seal, pump work only when it is unclear whether in normal operation. This is a seal of quality for many users to determine the reasons for the deviation.

The reason why we come to the conclusion, because the seals to work together with the precision of the equipment and its pressure, temperature fluctuations resulting from changes in circumstances, would have an impact on the quality of the sealing system. In isolation to determine their quality seals, neither science nor reasonable, not only solve the existing problems, but may lead to greater losses. For example, a user had complained that this product is not good to use the seal, that home is not easy to use, in exchange for going is not easy to find. Root of the problem may be the device itself - or beating too large, or worn over the normal size, installation method or installation workers need to improve and so on. Therefore, the quality is good or bad seal and the proper use of the user whether or not a direct correlation, users complained seal ineffective, often because of a lack of system, the overall analysis. The equipment system, the sealing is a small thing, system failure, the most vulnerable is the connection. Sealing is a significant connection, so the first problem. Therefore, the pressure anywhere in the system failure or mechanical failure, most likely seal failure, but not the main reason for failure. This is also the sealing industry and other manufacturing quality system of differences.

Understand these differences, we can effectively solve the sealing problem of the quality management system. Improve the quality of sealing systems, need to rely on the user and seals the joint efforts of manufacturers, are indispensable. Only users in understanding the sealing technology of modern industrial production, the importance of understanding the reliability of the seal cleaner, safer, more stable after the important value of modern production, in order to effectively enhance the sealing quality system to address the quality seal system problems.

According to Western countries for industrial rotating equipment failure in the survey, the proportion due to seal failure was 57%, China's equipment and equipment as the basis of Western countries, the proportion of seal failure is clearly higher than this figure. AI technology industry group of volunteers more than 2,000 end-user companies survey, the vast majority of corporate seal of quality into the total production cost of enterprises accounted for only about 1%; Equipment Factory of supporting more than 1,000 sample survey, sealed pieces of the quality inputs are often less than 5% of the total cost. These data show that most users of the sealing quality of the system is not enough emphasis, mainly because the user's perspective, the seal is a small thing, in the subjective sense that softened the "seal" the quality of the system input in the management of the overall lack of cost analysis, procurement seals tend to take "cheap win" principle.

As a seal design and manufacturing companies need to constantly improve and perfect their own quality system, we will actively take the initiative to help customers set up correctly understand and properly sealed quality system, to help clients seal failure to correctly distinguish between chance and necessity, to help customers realize the high quality and low probability of seal failure differences. This is also the challenge of self-sealing practitioners and the value of expression. Ai volunteer industry technology group has been advocating a comprehensive solution for sealing systems, in line with customers to solve problems, continuous improvement, the purpose of the pursuit of excellence in business investment in hardware, the introduction of international advanced equipment to ensure the quality of the production process; in software management on the use of the concept of process control to ensure that each manufacturing sector are subject to strict quality control standards; In addition, it has established more than 150 sets of testing equipment for the physical and chemical experiments testing center, is one of the few industry at the same time through the ISO9001 quality management system, ISO14001 environmental management system and GB/T28001 Occupational health and safety management system certification companies.

Ten years, Renqiu Wynn initiated the sealing material Co., Ltd. lectures up to tens of thousands of seal technology field, it can be said to the industry brought a good start. However, to enhance the quality seal system, the process is a long way to go, relying on the efforts of a few corporate seal is not enough, you also need the participation of more businesses and perseverance.

Quality systems to solve sealing problems, first of all, the need to improve the quality of customer emphasis sealing system, using scientific analysis of ROI management system set up to enhance the overall objective seal of quality; secondly, to improve the seal manufacturing enterprise management, technology development and technology advanced equipment, the traditional quality seal can not meet the needs of modern industrial development, only those continuous technological improvement, innovation and enterprise, was sealed with quality systems to solve problems; Finally, to popularize knowledge of sealing, sound quality standards comprehensiveness and completeness. As long as we continue to progress in these areas can improve the quality of sealing systems.

In the days before steam, people and society do not need an effective seal, into the modern society from the beginning, gradually increasing sealing demands. Imagine if there is no effective sealing, air conditioning, vacuum cleaner, engines, etc. How can it be widely accepted? In fact, the development of industrial production equipment depends on the sealing device reliability.

The good news is, with the industrial infrastructure and advances in the equipment manufacturing industry, and state environmental, health requirements, more and more customers have realized the importance of sealing quality system. In the current context of economic globalization, there will be more customers to understand the science of sealing technology, there will be more concerned about sealing quality system solutions, will have higher quality seal, only through the persistent efforts to achieve these goals.