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In 2007 the world's rubber supply and demand imbalance

According to the International Rubber Research Institute (IRSG) has the statistics show that in 2007 the world's rubber supply and demand imbalance will reach 40 million tons. This imbalance is due to the global rubber supply exceeds demand caused.

Automotive rubber demand is affecting the global rubber consumption is an important factor. According to the latest data show that new car sales in Japan in June to 29.7 million units, down 11.2% last year, which fell 9.5% last year, cars, trucks last year, down 20.2%; first half of 2007 total sales of 1.788 million last year down 10.5%, of which the number of small car sales fell 15% last year; Japan auto sales continue to decrease. At the same time, another major car-producing regions in North America vehicle sales also showed sluggish trend.