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Rubber sealing industry trends

Market: rubber seals market is steady growth in the market, according to Frost & Sullivan estimates the market size will seal the future of 3% to 4% rate of stable growth, the average annual market size in Europe alone will reach $ 3.2 billion, steady economic growth in the Asia-Pacific region, especially China's strong economic growth, bring on the huge market demand for seal potential future global seals promising market is expected to 2004, the global market worth more than 10 billion U.S. dollars.
China's special growing demand for rubber products, and a large number of specialty rubber products are dependent on imports.
Technology / products: our product to meet the sealing industry generally supporting various types of host requirements, but high pressure, high-speed, precision, low temperature and high temperature corrosion-resistant seals and a wide gap between the international level, a number of constraints, the material but most important, high-performance, the development of new sealing materials technology will continue to be China's rubber seals focus industrial development in the Ministry of Science and in 2001 planning guide, high-performance sealing materials and products in China's current development priorities Key areas of high-tech industry.
Development of new materials, composite materials to seek more cost-effective to develop blending elastomer material is a trend; HNBR in new transmission media, the new fluid (refrigerant, biodegradable transmission oil can) play an important seal effect; ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene (UHMWFE) has a good self-lubricating, high abrasion resistance, impact performance, completely non-toxic, water, oil and solvents, and inexpensive, sealed hydraulic drive system at low temperatures there was considerable potential applications.
Nano-rubber is generally believed that the real breakthrough may take 15-20 years or even longer.
Recent industry focus on: high-end cars and light vehicles powertrain, vibration, brake system with sealing materials and products, complete sets of major equipment in high pressure, hydraulic, pneumatic system with seals. China's auto oil seal structure is exposed to, semi-exposed skeleton and the direction of composite structures, including fluid power seals the development trend of high-speed oil seal, apply a large amount of eccentric shaft for high speed (20m / s) friction harsh conditions, a large thermal load, large parts of the eccentric shaft seal, focus on developing speed 8000r/min, temperature 250oC, life 4000-5000h car crankshaft oil seal. Key to the future high-speed, high reliability, maintenance-free of the seal, a combination of high pressure reciprocating seals, high temperature, non-toxic seals and various combinations of high-quality products such as ring-shaped direction.
Management: With the global economic integration, international procurement trend of globalization, and China's accession to WTO, the domestic rubber sealing industry is already facing international competition and challenges. We must seize the opportunity, active integration into the international economic circle, strengthening the international market competition and cooperation, which we need in the management and quality system in line with international standards, the domestic industry is also gradually seal the implementation of advanced management system, ISO9000, ISO14000 and OS9000, VDA6.1 and VDA6.3, etc., to obtain a passport to the international market, the future of the domestic manufacturers will strive to transform seal of quality assurance system, to seek accreditation by the authorities, not only focus on the international market support, more, it is a substantial improvement in quality and technology.