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China's hydraulic, pneumatic and sealing components industry overview

According to the China Hydraulics Pneumatics & Seals Association hydraulic, hydraulic, pneumatic and sealing industry 296 major companies in the statistics, from January to May, the industry profit margin 9.44%, 97.38% rate of sales, production and demand good convergence, the market continued to exuberant. Among them, the industrial output value completed 6.151 billion yuan, representing an increase of 32.54% over the same period last year; industrial sales output value of completed 5.99 billion yuan, representing an increase of 34.74% over the same period last year; sales revenue of 5 .. 40 billion yuan, increased by 31.07% over last year. In addition, 296 companies have 52 losses, a loss of 17.56%, 296 enterprises realized profits of 551.63 million yuan to break even, an increase of 45.30%. 296 enterprises, 83 earnings of more than 10 million yuan, profit of over $ 5 million 23.
In the case of the industry situation continues, the industry experts also advise businesses need to calmly analyze the situation in the second half, attention, vigilance affect the industry in several major problems:
Limit the scope of national power continues to expand, to bring about a considerable impact on production.
According to reports, the impact of provinces and cities nationwide limited power, has increased from the Yangtze River Delta, Pearl River Delta region expanded to 24 provinces, municipalities and autonomous regions, and the short term is difficult to solve. In the production tasks continue to grow, enterprises should strengthen internal management, to take all measures to give full play to equipment capacity, power will be limited to minimize the impact.
National macro-control effects of the production show.
State to curb overheated investment in some industries, to take macro-control measures, has led to the emergence of OEMs to reduce, delay or even cancel the order situation. Metallurgical industry, especially for supporting hydraulic components business, they reflect the impact of the largest 50% assignments. In addition, support for the forklift industry, hydraulic factory, they reflect the order in April and May has been a marked decline in volume, year of production, efficiency may be flat with 2003.
Foreign firms to increase investment, mergers and acquisitions efforts.
Liquid tight at the world famous manufacturers have set up plants in China, these companies right now is to increase investment, mergers and acquisitions and speed, some projects are stepping up negotiations. This trend should lead to the attention of companies, which both challenges and opportunities.
To do strategic planning, to guard against disorderly competition.
Better in the current situation, companies must take the long view, make strategic development plan. In the first half full of some enterprises due to the task, and even home users and other goods and, therefore, to focus on the fight equipment to fight human resources, and poor management, affecting the quality of products, this situation must be avoided in future. In addition, some businesses to actively build a new plant to expand production scale, the equipment should be wary of the resulting excess capacity or low-level redundant construction.